Dress Code

We expect each student to dress in a way that honors God and themselves and not in a way that will cause a member of the opposite sex to stumble.

  1. Clothes that are too tight or too small are not allowed.
  2. No spaghetti strap tops or tops that allow the belly to show whether sitting or standing.
  3. No low rider pants or shorts. Undergarments should not be showing.
  4. Skirts need to be knee length or longer.
  5. Shorts should reach knee length or longer.
  6. Modest swimsuits for ladies such as a one piece are required.
  7. During round robin competition, jeans without holes and collared shirts and blouses are required.
  8. During tournament competition, ladies should be in a dress or dress pants and blouse and young men should be in slacks or khaki type pants and a collared shirt. Hooded sweatshirts will not be allowed for tournament competition.
  9. We will follow the dress code at any college tournament if it differs from ours. As soon as we know of the dress code, it will be communicated to you.

Whenever the Bible Bowl team meets for practice or travels together or works for a service day, the dress code will apply to all players.

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