Expectations for Parents

  1. A commitment to insure your student attends practices and round robins as they are able. To be eligible for regular season travel, your student must attend 2 practices prior to the round robin. This will help insure they are familiar with the material and will feel better prepared for the competition. We ask that you get your student to as many practices as possible as their team suffers from their absence. We understand that Bible Bowl is one of many activities your student is involved in, and as such, may need to miss some practices.
  2. Help your student honor the commitment which they have made. Every day they will have to make decisions and set priorities as to what to do when other activities conflict with Bible Bowl. Your student will not be pressured to choose Bible Bowl over any other activity. When a conflict occurs, encourage you and your student to pray and ask God to help them make the decision. As their parents, you have a great deal of influence in their choices. We hope you will encourage them to seek God’s will and put Christ first in their lives.
  3. Volunteer at least one time at practice. A great way to do this is with our Memory Master, which is listening to kids quote verses or chapters. Another way is to travel with us. We can always use more adults to drive, follow and encourage teams, and supervise on overnight trips.
  4. It is very important that we depart on time so that we will arrive at our destination on time. We will always try not to travel too late and too long. Delaying our departure could affect the safety, health and performance of each player, especially if we arrive late at night. We also ask that you provide a way for us to contact you while we are away and when we return. We will call when we are within thirty minutes of the church to let you know when we will arrive.
  5. When we travel, we ask that you allow your student to participate in each part of the trip. The teams will perform better when they travel together, stay together and experience the same things together.
    When we go on a trip we ask that you:

        • Allow your student to travel with the rest of the team.
        • Allow your student to stay with the rest of the team.
        • Attend as many round robins as possible.
        • Let your student know that they must follow the same guidelines and rules as the rest of the team.
  6. Assist with the work day and other times when we serve the church. We will need assistance in supervising the students and transporting them. We will also need your help in November when we host the Round Robin.
  7. We will need your financial support.
        • Commit to giving monthly to the program as you are able.
        • Provide snacks regularly for practice and when traveling.
        • Provide a pot luck dish the few times that we will eat a pot luck meal on a trip.
        • Provide assistance with meals when we host the Round Robin(s)
  8. Help your student follow the code of conduct, dress code and other guidelines as given in this program.
  9. Finally PRAY for your student, the sponsors and supporters of Bible Bowl.  Prayer is a critical element in Bible Bowl.  With prayer, this program has grown, been protected from harm and changed the life of every participating student.  Let your student know that you are praying for him/her.

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