Expectation of Players

  1. Attendance Commitment

    The Beginner Bible Bowl season is from September to May.Bible Bowl is a team activity. It is very important that you be committed to attending all of the practices and round robins.   Whenever you miss a practice or round robin, your team suffers from your absence.

  2. Study Commitment

    Bible Bowl requires regular daily study and prayer. Depending on your age and experience with Bible Bowl, the amount of study will vary – but you need to plan to commit to study a minimum of 15 minutes a day. Every player will benefit from memorizing a verse or two per day. Practices and round robins are more fun when you have prepared yourself by studying.

  3. Spiritual Commitment

    Bible Bowl players commit a significant amount of their time in studying God’s Word. We hope that what they learn will help them to be an example to others. We expect that they will want to participate in other activities at church, such as Intersection, Drive, kids choir, Sunday morning worship and other congregational events.One of the major goals of Bible Bowl is to develop in each student a life long spiritual commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Commitment to a Christlike Attitude and Behavior
    We expect you to exhibit Christlike attitudes toward each other, toward other teams, toward the sponsors and coaches and toward all others you meet.  We also expect that the words used at all Bible Bowl events and practices bring honor to God.  Slang words or phrases are not acceptable.

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