Beginner Bowl Program

Beginner Bible Bowl is a Bible Memory program for 3rd – 5th grade. Each year we study a specific text along with Core knowledge covering highlights of the Bible. We learn to compete with a Christ-like attitude and in a Christ-like way. We make friends and have fun studying God’s word. If this is something you would like to be a part of, please contact one of our Beginning sponsors.
1. Study and Practices

  • This year we will study Selections from Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, and Core Text
  • Thursday Nights at the Niwot Campus in the Room 227.
  • 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • First Practice, September 5th at the Niwot Campus
2. Round Robins

Date Location Material Covered
November 2, 2013 RMCC, Niwot Campus Blocks 1
January 4, 2014 Northglenn, Northglenn5%) Block 2 & Review (20%)
March 1, 2014 Sunnyside, Colorado Springs Blocks 3 & 4
May 2, 2014 Bible Christian, Garden City, KS Block 5 & Review (20%)
3. Communications
Most information will be sent via email and through the RMCC Bible Bowl website: The website needs to be checked regularly for updates. Before each competition, a detailed e-mail reminder will be sent with a reply needed back. This way we will know that you are familiar with all the travel plans for that individual trip. These reminders will be sent approximately two weeks before we leave for the trip.
4. Required Supplies

  • 3-Ring Binder
  • Highlighters, Pen and Pencil
  • Text/Question Book*
  • Quiz Pro/Power Play CD*
  • Bible Bowl T-shirt*

(*These items are provided with the $25 materials fee)

5. Optional Supplies A. Beginner Flash Card Set – $25
6. Practice Structure Practices will follow this basic structure but can vary:

Niwot Campus
6:30 Drop off students in Room 227of the Niwot Campus
6:30 Announcements & Social Time
6:40 Break up into groups to study and quiz over assigned material
7:15 Snacks and game/recreation time
7:45 Break up into groups to study and quiz
8:15 Prayer Requests and Prayer
8:30 End of Practice (all students must be picked up in Room 227)
7. Study Hints

A. Start and end each study session with a prayer. This will help set your mind on God and what He wants for you to learn
B. Read each chapter twice, silently and out loud.
C. Read through practice questions from the question book.
D. Play the games on the computer programs.
E. Don’t study too long in any one study session. Know your limits.
F. Remember, find out what works for you and stick with it.
G. Try to memorize some verses each week. Choose one verse from the select and core material.
8. Financial Information
Our budget is made up of money raised through the gifts of the Bible Bowl families, gifts from church members and from fundraising. It costs about $150 per Beginner Bible Bowl player to operate a successful Bible Bowl program. Most of these costs are for travel expenses. Please consider supporting Bible Bowl regularly in your giving. When giving to Bible Bowl, you may bring the offering to a practice or put it in the offering on Sunday morning. Please indicate “Gift for Bible Bowl” on the memo line of your check.Each player is responsible for a $25 materials fee (due September 26, 2013) for their basic supplies. Optional flashcards should also be paid for by this date. The fee must be brought to practice so that proper accounting can be made in the Bible Bowl account at the church.
9. TravelA.All RMCC Beginner Bowl participants will meet at the Niwot Campus to begin the journey to the round robin.
B. We will need some parents to travel to each of the four round robins.
C. Seatbelts will be worn at all times in the vans.
D. When we travel to the round robin in Garden City, Kansas, an adult must go into the restroom at rest stops prior to a student entering the restroom.
E. Students will not be allowed to be alone in any unsecured area. We expect the students to stay in groups any time the team is away from RMCC facilities.
F. Personal DVD players will not be allowed during any trip. We will limit the use of all hand held electronic games such as Nintendo and PSP.
G. Due to safety concerns, weapons of any kind such as knives will not be allowed at any Bible Bowl event.

10.Dress Code
We expect each student to dress in a way that honors God and themselves.

A. Clothes that are too tight or too small are not allowed.
B. No spaghetti strap tops or tops that allow the belly to show whether sitting or standing.
C. Skirts need to be knee length or longer.
D. Shorts should reach mid thigh or be longer.
E. During round robin competition, the team will wear the RMCC Bible Bowl t-shirt.

Whenever the Bible Bowl team meets for practice, travels together, or works on a fundraiser, the dress code will apply to all players.

11.SponsorsNiwot Campus

  • Scott Ramsey 303-828-3843 (home)
  • Robyn Ramsey 720-273-7610 (cell)
  • Lisa Wassmer 303-525-6866

12.National Bible Bowl Office1251 Nilles Road Unit #21
Fairfield, OH 45014
Phone: 513-858-2695
Fax: 513-858-2696