Dec 2016 Round Robin Results

We traveled to Northglenn for the December Round Robin and enjoyed another day of competition.
Again, we had a strong showing. Just like last month, we had 7 out of the top 10 in the top brain, and in the top brain team average, we took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! We also took 1st, 2nd and 5th in Division 1, and we had two teams win Most Christ-Like in their divisions. This month our D team moved up from division 3 to division 2! Well Done, Rocky!!

Team Results:

Division 1
1st : RMCC A (Julia, Gary) (9-1)
2nd : RMCC B (Collin, Josh, Jack) (8-2)
5th : RMCC C (Emma, Timothy, Dave) (2-8)
Division 2
Division 3
1st : RMCC D (Zach, Jacob, Timothy) (9-1)
Top Brain Team Average
1st : RMCC B (Collin, Josh, Jack) (133.33)
2nd : RMCC A (Julia, Gary) (94.33)
3rd : RMCC C (Emma, Timothy, Dave) (90.67)
10th : RMCC D (Zach, Jacob, Timothy) (56.00)

Individual Results:

7 in the top 10!

Top Brain Score Rank
Julia 146 1st
Josh 144 2nd
Jack 140 3rd
Gary 137 4th
Collin 116 7th
Dave 105 8th
Emma 89 10th
Timothy 78 14th
Michael 71 19th
Jacob 71 19th
Zach 26 46th
Quoting Bee
Congratulations, Timothy!
Name Rounds Completed Rank
Timothy 1 2nd

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