Nov 2016 Round Robin Results

Rocky hosted this month’s round robin this weekend. We’d like to thank all of the volunteers who stepped up to help us out. It was nice seeing so many new faces as well as our group of dedicated folks who show up year after year. It was especially nice to see Kassie Hudson who was a former bible bowler!
Rocky fared well in every aspect. We had 2 players make it to the final round of the quoting bee, we had 7 out of the top 10 in the top brain, we took 1st, 2nd and 4th in Division 1, and we had two teams win Most Christ-Like in their divisions. Well Done, Rocky!!

Team Results:

Division 1
1st : RMCC A (Julia, Caileigh, Jack) (10-0)
2nd : RMCC B (Collin, Josh, Gary) (8-2)
4th : RMCC C (Emma, Michael, Timothy, Dave) (4-6)
Division 2
Division 3
2nd : RMCC D (Zach, Jacob, Gillian) (6-1)
Top Brain Team Average
1st : RMCC A (Julia, Caileigh, Jack) (145.33)
2nd : RMCC B (Collin, Josh, Gary) (145.00)
5th : RMCC C (Emma, Michael, Timothy, Dave) (115.33)
10th : RMCC D (Zach, Jacob, Gillian) (80.00)

Individual Results:

Julia beat out Gary for 1st place on a tie-breaker. Nice Job to both of you! And having 70% of the top 10 is quite an accomplishment!

Top Brain Score Rank
Julia 149 1st
Gary 149 2nd
Josh 147 3rd
Jack 147 4th
Caileigh 140 8th
Collin 139 9th
Emma 136 10th
Dave 112 16th
Jacob 106 20th
Timothy 98 21st
Michael 93 24th
Gillian 87 29th
Zach 47 47th
Quoting Bee
Congratulations, Timothy and Michael!
Name Rounds Completed Rank
Timothy 1 2nd
Michael 1 2nd

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