February 2016 Round Robin Results

This month’s round robin was at Dayspring Christian Church in Fort Collins. Northglenn Team A continued their unbeaten streak and won the Round Robin. Congrats to them! We’ll try to break that streak at the next RR! (I know I said that last month). Almost all of our kids earned personal bests ribbons on the top brain. They’ve all been working hard. It’s fun watching how each team keeps improving as the year goes along.

Team Results:

Division 1
2nd : RMCC A (Julia, Caileigh, Allen, Josh G) (8-2)
4th : RMCC B (Jack, Collin, Emma) (3-7)
Division 2
4th : RMCC C (Kimi, Zach, Sasha, Jacob) (5-5)
Division 3
2nd : RMCC D (Anna, Jo, Liza) (6-1)
Top Brain Team Average
1st : RMCC A (Julia, Caileigh, Allen, Josh G) (147.67)
2nd : RMCC B (Jack, Collin, Emma) (144.67)
5th : RMCC C (Kimi, Zach, Sasha, Jacob) (134)
7th : RMCC D (Anna, Jo, Liza) (130.67)

Individual Results:

Anna makes her debut into the Top 20 by taking 12th place!

Emma moved up from 18th to 15th to 11th place!

Kimi made the top 20!

Rocky takes 5 of the top 10 spots and 10 of the top 20!

Top Brain Score Rank
Julia 149 2nd
Allen 148 3rd
Jack V 147 5th
Josh G 146 7th
Emma 145 9th
Anna B 143 12th
Kimi 142 15th
Collin 142 15th
Jacob 141 18th
Caileigh 137 20th
Jo 126 25th
Liza 123 26th
Sasha 119 29th
Zach 101 39th
Quoting Bee
Name Rounds Completed Rank
Emma Almost 1

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