Downloading Questions to Android

Bible Bowl has announced an app for your iPhone or iPad that allows you to download questions to your device. That’s great, but what about us Android users?

AnyMemo screenshot

Here’s a way to get the questions for Acts onto your phone.   It’s not perfect, but it works pretty well.  Below are several database files I generated using Question Pro with the base set of questions. There are files for each month, and one that has all 8000+ questions in it covering everything. There is also a memory verse file.

Also – this is a work in progress, so if you have any question or comments or ideas, let me know. ( )

Here’s how to get them onto your Android device.

First, Download and install AnyMemo onto your Android device:

  • AnyMemo on Google Play
  • This is a free app, but there is also a “Pro” version you can purchase.  The free and pro version are exactly the same, the pro version is just if you love the app and would like to toss the developer $1.99 (like I did).

Download these database files to your android device.
Place them into the “anymemo” folder, which is generally located at /mnt/sdcard/anymemo.

On your Android, launch AnyMemo, and go to the Open tab – you should see all of these databases.
It will put the question on the top of the screen, and you tap on the “Show answer” section to see the answer.  Then it asks you how well you know this question.
The app keeps track of how well you know each question, so you may see the same questions pop up from time to time.  To reduce this, I always click the “5 Very Easy +5.0” button after seeing the answer.
You can also tap on the question to have your Android read the question for you. (Quality depends on your text-to-speech software, but it’s fun none-the-less)
I’d recommend reading the website for more usage ideas.

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